I was born on December 31st 1973 in Reghin.

My introduction with the manufacturing of musical instruments was at a very early age , as violin making was a family tradition. Since I was little I used to stand by my father while he was working on something , trying to blend in by polishing a violin , thing that made me at the age of twelve , “ very useful “.

While attending a high-school specialized in wood carving , I decided to attend the courses of a violin making school . In 1991 , I started courses at the International Violin Making School of Cremona-IPIALL-, under the guidance of Master Wanna Zambelli , for four years. At the same school , I had as teachers Master Massimo Negroni , at varnishing , and Master Stefano Conia at restoration .
I finished my studies , obtaining the Master Violin Maker qualification , in Cremona , 1995 , when I returned to my country . Here I continued my training working with my father .
Since 1997 I have had my own business , having my father’s permanent support .
Then came a period of intense collaboration with well known workshops from Cremona for which I was privileged to work thanks to the technical knowledge I had regarding the Cremonese classical style of execution and acoustics .
I participated at some international contests of which I remember : Cremona 1994 , Baveno 1995 , Cremona 1997 , Cremona 2000 , Pisogne 2011.
I have also participated for many years at the “Mondomusica” International Fair from Cremona .
At the moment I am collaborating with a workshop from Torino , Italy , and my activity is divided between two locations , Reghin and Torino .

I was born on December 6th 1941 in Brasov.

After I graduaded from a wood carving vocational school in 1958, I was hired at the local musical instruments factory in 1960. Until 1963 I passed through all the stages of making string instruments.
ciurba nicolae Being appreciated for my passion and skills I was selected, together with my colleague Precup Florea, by Master Roman Boianciuc to manufacture master’ s instruments, and so I had the occasion to be a disciple of Master Boianciuc until 1974.
Despite the communist regime not being friendly, I managed to participate at some international contests, such as…, and I succeeded in getting to Cremona, the homeland of musical instruments, twice.
Because of the same communist regime, I didn’t manage to work privately until the beginning of 1993 when, together with my elder son, we opened our own workshop. Since then we made musical instruments to be sold in the country and abroad. In almost each philarmonic orchestra there is an instrument made by me, and the Romanian instrumentalists who decided to work abroad took my instruments to very many countries, either European or other continents.
Since the tragic loss of my elder son in 2011, I have been working with my Cremona trained younger son as well as our skilled assistants.

Biography Roman Boianciuc

He was born on the 7th of October 1912 in the village of Vascauti , the Storojinet county, in Subcarpathian Bucovina.
At the age of thirteen he was apprenticed by Willi Pohariles who studied at Prague the art of woodcraft. Between 1928 and 1930 he attended the vocational school in Campulung Moldovenesc.
Roman Boianciuc
In 1934 he made the first guitar, and later a violin and a balalaika. The job of a violin maker that he had chosen proved to be unsuccessful at the beginning until, in the summer of 1949, he got to the wood processing factory in Reghin.
In 1951, with a team of five workers, he set the basis of the first violin making workshop which, in time, turned into the musical instruments factory known world wide.
Among Roman Boianciuc’s disciples we must mention Florea Precup, Ciurba Nicolae, Luca Ioan.
Besides his skills in forming craftsmen, he contributed to a higher level of work productivity by inventing some devices and machineries.
Being acknowledged for his merits, he was awarded the title “ Laureate of the State Prize” in 1957.
As a violin maker he participated with his violins at many international contests, of which we mention Liege 1963, 1967; Poznan 1972; Cremona twice, acceding to the second stage; Sofia 1983-the third place winner.
In 1967 the master’s violins were appreciated by the famous violinist David Ostrah:

“The hand made violins of Master Roman Boianciuc,most suited for the performing artist,have impressed me most favorably,especially by the perfection of their shape. Their tone is delicate,clean,bright, satisfying the highest demands”.

The master’s violins resound on the stages of the philarmonicas on each meridian.
He also made fifty guitars of which one is in the hands of the famous Greek guitarist Costas Cotsiolis, and some have been awarded as prizes to the winners of the classic guitar national festival in Sinaia, starting with the first edition in 1983.
Post mortem he was awarded the title “ Citizen of Honour” of Reghin on December 13th 2001.