For the manufacturing of personal instruments, which are entirely handmade, we usually employ Italian spruce fir and local sycamore maple. The most common models in the construction of the violin are: Guarneri and Stradivari, however our expertise spans to models such as: Ornati, Garimberti, Gagliano, Testore, Storioni.
For the viola we use models such as: Amati, Goffriller, Camilli, Ornati.
We also own many models for cellos such as: Montagnana, Goffriller, Stradivari, Teccler, Ornati, Garimberti and Amati.
For special orders, we can manufacture , at the customer’s request , imitations/copies after your own model or one chosen from a book. For varnishing we use varnish made following traditional Italian recipes , based on the boiling of the flaxen oil and natural resin , such as amber , copal di Manila , damar , venetian turpentine , colophony , etc.

Cello 2014

Cello 2011

Viola 2012

I should mention that all my work is based on what I learned in Cremona , but also on my personal experience , and the one inherited from my father . I experienced that the most important thing when making a quality instrument is the choice of a resonance wood . Of course there are many other important elements to keep in mind , such as the choice of model , shaping of the arching , the thickness , measured according to the density and the resonance of the wood , the placement of the sound holes , the positioning and the adjusting of the bass bar .
Only when these steps are precisely executed one instrument is of the highest quality . No violin maker can ever know what the instrument will sound like before it is finished , but we have a great deal of information which can take us to a certain direction which may be pretty close to the customer’s desired one . Preliminary to the construction of the instrument is very important for us and our client to have an open discussion about sound . During this talk the customer should express his desire about the acoustics and the final look of the instrument as well as some technical aspects which might facilitate its playability (ergonomics-string length) .

I am always available for any question you may have.

The workshop instruments are entirely made in our workshop , by the staff presented on the work shop page .

 We have here , too , a great variety of models and finishing styles modern or aged.
 This the best sold category due to its high quality and affordable price point.

When making student level instruments we collaborate with craftsmen outside our workshop , specialised in specific work stages. The basic components of the instrument are checked and assembled in our workshop , for which reason we are responsible for the quality of there instruments.