In the workshop, next to my father and myself, there are four workers, each specialized in doing certain work stages. Together with this work-team I manage to make a category of instruments for students that offer a high value/price point. With the same team I manage to fulfill the orders from our Japanese distributor, from the stores in different countries, and violin makers from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and USA.
The spruce and maple used for our workshop instruments are local, very carefully selected and naturally aged.
The varnish used is oil based with traditional pigments used for color. If requested, we can offer an alcohol based varnish.
The set-up is done with precision and care for best acoustic result. We can also custom set-up our instruments to the client’s preference.

In order of seniority, here is my team:

Manicaru Mihai Adrian, with an experience in the field of over 20 years, has been working with us since 2001, he is specialized in the gluing, the shaping of the arches of the top or the back of the instrument, according to any model or request.

Hurdugaci Ioan Dan, who is a sculptor and an artist, specialized in the sculpting of the scroll. Has worked in the workshop since 2003. He can carve the scroll in any style, modern or antique like, Stradivari or Guarneri, so easily and precisely that he could make anyone jealous at him.

Graur Ovidiu has as its main specialty the set-up of the instrument. He has an experience in the field for over 14 years and he has worked in the field for 2009 years. He has a great passion for his work tools.

Ailoaie Constantin, main specialty making ribs assembly, deals with this work stage that must be done very carefully because it is the shape of the rib that will determine the final shape of the instrument. He has been working in the workshop since 2010″

I am proud of this small but very qualified team and my promise is to offer you our best quality instruments.